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If the landmark is well known to limo drivers, grooms and crew, arrive at least 10 minutes early.
Important point to consider, priority goes to the bride and groom so at least 20 minutes must be granted for their photos

In the case that there are 2 videographers, one of the videographers will go directly to the reception to take photos and videos of the cocktail as well as to place the equipment. Lighting, recorder and tripods.

Course of the photo session:
As everyone descends from the photos, one of the photographers begins the photos of the bride and groom. In front of cars (make sure you can see the whole car). When we go to the place for the traditional photos. While the 2nd photographer and videographer (if necessary places the world), the other photographer will continue with photos of the couple. Once everyone is placed, we only add the bride and groom in the middle.

3. Traditional photo order:

  • has. Group photos including all guests present on the premises

  • b. Tell the guests to line up and photograph them with the bride and groom in turn except the procession by group.

  • vs. Ask the procession to stand to one side, the 2nd photographer takes the opportunity to take pictures of the procession, couple.

  • d. Judge the number of small groups in relation to the time available for photos

  • f. Once the traditional photos are done, move with the procession only to continue with the rest of the photos.

  • g. Use the backgrounds as much as possible and refer to the pose guide for inspiration.

group photo.JPG

5. Ideally create a curve so that the whole group is in focus:
6. Parents of the bride and groom on their respective sides, in front of the bride and groom the children and grandchildren. married.
6. Godfather on the groom's side, godmother and lady-in-waiting on the bride's side
7. Groomsmen and groomsmen in order of size, shortest to tallest.
8. Remaining guests present at the photo venues.

If the groom and groom are tall, place the groomsmen and groomsmen from tallest to shortest.

When you take group photos, put the larger ones towards the center and the smaller ones outwards. Move the larger ones back to reduce the size difference visually.

The photo session is separated into 3 parts:

1. Photos with the family and procession including everyone. Use the ladder if possible. 20 min or ¼ of the allotted time

  • has. Photo with the guests present during the session (per small group)

  • b. Photo with parents

  • vs. Picture with the children

  • d. During this part, the 2nd photographer takes pictures of the couples

  • e. People in this section are asked to leave or wait at the limo


  • 2. Photos of the procession only: 20 min or ¼ of the allotted time.

  • has. Official Photo Married Godfather, Godmother, Groomsman & Girls

  • i. Men on the groom's side, Women on the bride's side, people walking alone will be taken apart

  • ii. The reason is that it must be symmetrical

  • iii. Then asked people to go next to the individual they came in with and play with the scenery

  • iv. During this period, the 2nd photographer can take pictures of the ladies-in-waiting in groups and individually.

  • b. Photo with godfather and godmother, make all the combinations

  • vs. Official photo with the ladies-in-waiting, or other person walking alone and the bride and groom, do something for the bride and the ladies-in-waiting only

  • d. Photos of the ladies in waiting, maid of honor and godmother with the bride, by photographer 1

  • e. Photo of groomsmen and groom, by photographer 2

  • f. Photo of the bridesmaids and maid of honor with the groom Photograhe 1

  • g. Photo of Groomsmen and Bride, Photographer 2

  • h. If the weather allows it, freestyle photos of the whole procession

  • i. People in this section are asked to leave or wait at the limo


3. Photo/video of the couple only: 25 min or ½ of the allotted time
has. Change scenery as much as possible
b. Maximize photo angles
vs. When you get back to the car, photo in front of the car, with the champagne, make sure there are photos where you can see the whole car
d. Apply the B/S principle

9. Time allocation for photos
It is important to know how much time we have to take photos in order to make a good distribution of the time to allocate for taking photos.

  • 20% of the time is allocated for photos with the family

  • 30% photos of the newlyweds with the procession

  • 50% photos of the bride and groom only. Do not forget to include photos of the newlyweds alone too.

  • Example: You have 1 hour to take pictures. Distribution :

  • • 10 minutes max for photos with guests present on the premises

  • • 20 minutes for the photos of the newlyweds with the procession and relatives

  • • 30 minutes for the bride and groom only

  • The most important thing is to maximize the photos of the couple.

6 tips for wedding poses that you must implement during wedding photo shoots.

  • 1. Start with traditional poses Start with simple poses to help the group feel comfortable in front of the camera. Place all the boys next to the groom and line up the married girls next to the bride. Make sure to place the men on the side so that we can see their flower. Girls should hold their bouquet at the same height. Ask the bridal party to tilt their bodies slightly towards the bride and groom to draw attention to the center of the frame (this also helps you focus on the most important people - the groom and groom!). Simple poses like these are great for getting started, and will ensure you get a great result right away. Important to establish a standard flower, jacket button, attached or not. Sunglasses or not.

  • 2. Tip: To turn this traditional pose into something more creative, try photographing the group from different angles. Also, members who

  • look in another direction rather than just at the camera. Repeat the same exercise with each small group. When you only take the bride and groom, witnesses and procession, after the traditional pose, tell the people to go next to their partner. Important, make sure it is balanced on each side in number and size. Some traditional photos. Then make the procession turn towards their partner and take some space. Take the time to walk around and take individual photos of each couple. In the same way, continue by inviting the procession. Take the time to look at all the details, jacket buttons.

  • 3. Add props for photos and change scenery: Use props to be creative for photos. Do not forget to take photos of the bride and groom with the vehicles.

  • 4. Use the decor in width and depth but always keep the bride and groom as the center of the objective. If you are limited in space, use props such as chairs to vary the plan.

  • 5. Include poses in action: An easy way to do this is to photograph the motorcade marching together. With a few minimal directions, it can be a quick and easy way to capture everyone's natural emotions and expressions. Line up the procession and slowly lead them towards you as they talk and laugh with each other. Be sure to remind them not to look at the camera during the movements. The idea is to take them as naturally as possible. You can invite them to look in different directions.

  • 6. Take photos of the bride with the groomsmen and the groom with the groomsmen. Traditional and diverse.

  • 7. Save as much time as possible for the couple's photo shoot only.

Any element that could impact the course of the photo shoot must be reported in the facebook group dedicated to the wedding (delay, presence of a large number of guests, non-cooperation of the bride and groom)

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