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A single day

A marriage is defined as a ritual and contractual conjugal union of unlimited or indefinite duration.
In the best of worlds, the man (and the woman) marries only once. As a photographer, our mission is to immortalize this day which will remain engraved forever in the memory of the customers. The idea of this chapter is to inform you of the importance of our commitment. A failed snapshot cannot be recovered. A missed emotion cannot be recreated. When two individuals agree to say ''Yes I do'', they publicly show their love not only in front of guests but also in front of God. This love in question must be represented on each of the photos of the couple whether on a photo taken on the spot or posed. Why did I choose to specialize First Class Pictures in this field? The answer is simple, the value that our work provides. We have full control over the memories customers will have for the rest of their lives. A photographer who produces a result sought by the client will mark his history and become a reference for all future occasions. In this volume you will discover the secrets of capturing a wedding based on my research and experiences over the past year as a director at First Class Pictures. I decided to write this volume in order to share my knowledge within the team and thus raise the standard and set the bar at a high level. You will discover the process of before, during and after a wedding.


The worst mistake a photographer (or videographer) can make is to overlook the importance of

marriage. When we work, we must remember our mission. When Michael Jordan received the pass to make the winning basket during a championship, in the event of a lack accompanied by a defeat, the team could recover next season. As photographers, we don't have the luxury of being able to come back next year. It's now or never. Imagine the fortune spent on a dress and no photograph of it being captured by the photographer's oversight. No memory of the cousin who crossed the Atlantic to attend the wedding because the photographer did not take the time to photograph the guests. It is essential to remember that we have no room for error and that the smallest details count. A phrase that I usually repeat over and over is that an oversight, a missed photo can undo the beauty of the work and end with customer dissatisfaction. As little as one in 1400 photos. Couples don't just want photos to have photos, they want a story in pictures. Another thing to consider is that brides regularly look at magazines before their wedding and will want their photos to be similar.

Emotion, the word to remember

A wedding is recognized as a day rich in emotion. Laughter, tears, joy, all this must be reflected in the photos as well as in the video. When you are in the field, you have to be on the lookout for the smallest details that deserve to be immortalized. It can be a child playing a grandfather tying his tie. Every little detail counts. What separates a good photographer from a great photographer is the ability to do justice to the proverb, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is what drives the couple to invest in recording in order to have this feeling when viewing their memories.

The photographer's state of mind

If there is one thing to put on her priority list is that the bride must look beautiful in all the photos. The $300.00 paid for the hairstyle, the $100.00 for the make-up, the photographer must bear in mind that all these points become priorities. A simple way to know what to capture in terms of object and that all the things in which the brides have invested the least dollar need to be immortalized. Flowers, limos, makeup, jewelry, shoes. A dollar invests, a photo taken. Photo & Video.  So every dollar spent is a photo captured.

It is important to beProactive and noReagent. Weddings are like a movie where only the actors and the decor change. You must therefore anticipate what is to come. We cannot allow ourselves to be taken by surprise by a significant event (entrance of the procession, kiss, throwing of the bouquet, etc.). You don't have to think, but rather react. The time to ask the question ''Do I have to capture or not'' it will already be too late.


You have to realize that you are storytellers. Observe each scene as an automatic turret ready to fire on the enemy. Preparation, a sense of observation and proactivity are essential in the success of capturing a wedding. I will not stop repeating the importance of being alert.

It is essential to understand that we must work as a team and in order not to spoil the shots, avoid crossing angles of view.
Important: We must not steal the show and be as discreet as possible. Hence the request to be dressed in black in order to blend in with the decor. Avoid being at the forefront as much as possible.
Our mission begins as soon as we set foot in the preparation area until we greet the newlyweds at the end of the day. That's why we always have to be on the lookout and be ready to take pictures. The most beautiful photos are taken when the couple, procession or guests do not expect it.

Look for originality

To be creative, the use of decor is essential. Constantly look around you in search of columns, old buildings. Vary the angles. Photos taken from above give the advantage of creating an interesting effect. Having an eye on your subject is good, but observing it from every angle is even better. Because it is from this act that all the creative meaning of the shot will take. You have to imagine in what aspect, the photo will be the most successful. How to best represent your subject. It's necessary" think " the final photo before photographing everything. For me, this is the key factor in making original photos. To avoid taking pictures like everyone else, it is necessary tomove around the subject in order to findthe perfect place Orthe right angle.

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