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Real marriage: Sarah & Woodny, a trip between Morocco and Haiti!

On June 30, 2019, we had the privilege of capturing in photos and videos the wonderful wedding of Sarah & Woodny. Today we share with you this unique day which will remain engraved in memories. Subscribe!

How did the marriage proposal go?

Woodny planned the marriage proposal over a total period of one year, i.e. initiating one special outing per month to a restaurant of Sarah's choice. As the months progressed, Woodny's outings varied, sometimes to restaurants, sometimes to the cinema and sometimes a second surprise with a blindfold. The June release was the penultimate release before the big day according to my Romeo's plans. During the outing, he deliberately forgot to bring the blindfold, knowing that I would not have been able to resist the temptation to open my eyes. The following month I let myself be guided like a sheep, we went to the restaurant, and afterwards, Woodny asked Sarah to put a blindfold on her eyes. After much argument (because of her makeup) Sarah accepts and follows Woodny with confidence, to the nature park where he had an enormous heart made with rose petals and white stones carefully washed before being placed. /h3>

Your love story

We met for the first time at church.Woodny: After several invitations to church by my cousin in order to introduce me to a girl (Sarah), I was not interested in meeting new people due to several disappointments so I refused. To convince me, he sent me Sarah's Facebook profile one Saturday evening and guess what? On Sunday morning, I was at church!

Sarah: One day, Woodny's cousin mentioned to me that he had someone to introduce to me. I let him know that I wasn't interested at the moment. The day Woodny came to greet me at church alongside his cousin, I finally knew what love at first sight was! Obviously, I didn't demonstrate it to him and after several attempts, I gave him a chance and here we are today.

The big day!

Did you have any particular challenges during the preparations?

What you need to know is that when preparing for such an important day, even the simplest things become challenges. What was mainly difficult during the preparations was leading a large procession since availability differed as well as the choice of dresses and accessories. In addition, the choice of the room as well as the selection of dishes to serve at the wedding was not easy. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all decisions are made by the couple and not by the families, because they will try to put in their two cents.

The procession

What inspired you for your wedding?

For the foundation of our marriage, we mainly based ourselves on the passage 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 which defines what love is. As for our wedding day, we took inspiration from some Moroccan customs that we added to the traditional wedding.

What were your biggest challenges during marriage?

The cultural mix was one of our biggest challenges, as we had to select what to take and synchronize with each other's culture so that everything flowed during the evening. Also, noticing mistakes or unforeseen events during the evening and feeling helpless was difficult because the married couple must keep smiling and stay in their place.

What advice would you give to future newlyweds and what lessons have you learned?

The advice we would like to share would first be to keep in mind that the celebration of a wedding only lasts one evening while the real marriage is the story of a lifetime. So it is important to focus on preparing your home rather than putting everything into this day. We also suggest delegating as many tasks as possible to a trusted person or a planner in order to unburden yourself. We learned the lesson that we must accept that everything will not be perfectly as we planned, that unforeseen events can happen and maintain calm because we cannot have control over everything all the time. It is very important to keep good communication between the couple to avoid any disagreements during the day.

The reception!

A picture is worth a thousand words, what can we say about a video!

Special thanks to the bride and groom: Sarah & Woodny. Thank you for trusting First Class Pictures

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Photo/Video/Photobooth: First Class Pictures

Limousine CM Limousine

Decoration Elisabeth - Decor And More

DJ Dominic - DJ DRoy,

Host Micherose Philosca,

Florist Elie - The grace of flowers,

Makeup Achaia Select MTL & Laval,

Hairdressing Achaia Select MTL & Laval,

DressValdine - Valla Bella,

Johnny Welson

First Class Pictures

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