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Second videographer

By default, our video package includes a single videographer. Add a second member to the team to maximize the capture of angles and shots. The final result will be more varied and your memories will remain marked

Cost :



Feature length video - 30 - 45 minutes

The feature-length video allows you to relive your big day in depth with the help of music and video editing that will make the experience enjoyable to watch. You will be able to see the little moments spent unnoticed on the big day!

Cost :



Prewedding photoshoot

Whether it's for your invitation cards, your wedding website or simply to have fun and live the experience of a photo shoot, this one is a very popular option and allows the bride and groom to discover in front of the camera. The photo shoot can be taken anytime before the wedding.

Cost :



Post-wedding photo session(new)

Why add the option of a photo session after the wedding?

  • While an engagement photo shoot lasts an average of 1 hour, at the wedding, it's a different story!  Several factors can affect the time allocated to the photos of the couple: Delays, the size of the procession, photos with the family and the guests because of course you want to have photos with all of your loved ones so in the end, sometimes it happens that we only have 10 minutes for the couple only.

  • Temperature. Mother nature always has surprises in store for us so having the post-wedding photo session option in your package is synonymous with peace of mind because if your nightmare  is to have rain on your wedding day (although we remain efficient no matter the circumstances) the post-wedding session can be taken when weather conditions are at their best.

  • The location. During the wedding, the choice of the place for the photo session will be impacted by the place of the ceremony or the reception. Sometimes you dream of an Old Port concept, urban but unfortunately  strategically speaking it would be impossible to make this detour on the wedding day. With this option we go according to your wishes and even another season.

  • A photo session with a lot less stress. The wedding passed, the management of the day finished,   the post-wedding allows you to spend a quality moment with a rested head 

  • Treat yourself to a photo session as newlyweds. A popular trend on the United States side, the photo shoot called ''Newlyweds'' helps to present your couple and also offers the possibility of having a lighter outfit than the wedding day, example a white dress but not  ;necessarily a wedding dress.

Coût : (special)




The default end time for our contracts is 23:00. 15 minutes of grace are granted to finalize the 1st dance, throwing the bouquet and garter.  Following this, there are additional costs as indicated in our conditions.  This option consists in adding overtime to the contract in advance in order to avoid the normal additional costs  for taking photos and video. This option is perfect for those who want to have a complete souvenir of their big day.

Coût : (special)



Same day printing(new)

On your wedding day, many of your guests and family members will travel just for you! First Class Pictures is proud to introduce the new option of Same Day printing. Photos of the day and of your guests will be printed the same day. The equivalent of a photobooth but with your photos of the day as well as your guests at the table.Watch the reaction of the newlyweds when they discover the Same day printing!




Reception Studio Booth - Red Carpet(new)

A professional photo studio installed in your reception room so that your guests can be photographed with professional lighting and equipment.  Save $50.00 when you combine this option with Same day printing. You and your guests will have the opportunity to live a studio experience at a more than advantageous price and thus maximize your memories. Even in case of rain, our studio equipment can be used to make the most of the decor of the reception room. The price is for a 2hr studio experience.

Cost :(special)


E & F - to retouch.jpg

Luxury frame rental for reception 24 x 36

Welcome your guests with a magnificent royal frame. Following the wedding, you can keep the photo of a size of 24 x 36

Cost :(special)


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