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At First Class Pictures, we care about your success, which is why we offer a graduation portrait photo service. We have a collection of gowns in red, blue, black or white. We will be able to use your establishment's gowns if they are available. The price will depend on the number of students and if we have to travel or if you come to our studio. We offer different options. It is possible to have only digital photos or also prints of any kind, from Canvas frames to acrylic. For school and daycare.

Why choose First Class Pictures?

-We offer a modern approach and a result that you will be proud to share with your loved ones!

-Simple packages including the possibility of an unlimited number of digital photos;

-Possibility of take photos with your friends, families and portrait professional in the same session and be ready for the job market.

-In the air of social networks, souvenir videos to share with your loved ones**.

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