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Reception Process

Important, take a photo/video of all the details of the reception hall, staircase, lighting, decoration. Remember the principle of brought subject.

Responsibility of the videographer who goes directly to the reception :

  • Take pictures of the empty room, decoration;

  • Take videos of the empty room, decoration;

  • Install them at the ends of the dance floor

  • Take photos and video of the cocktail and the atmosphere in general

  • Invite guests to leave messages using the interview mic

  • Video using the slider of the reception room in general (chandelier, staircase, facade)

Picture | Video
Thing to capture during the reception: beginning
• Guest during the cocktail
• Take the opportunity to have the guests say congratulations to the newlyweds in front of the camera in small groups or leave messages. (Videographer who goes directly to the reception)
• Cake
• The head table
• Decorations (candle, centerpiece, lighting, etc.)
• Guests having fun | laugh
• Buffet, appetizers
• The bar
• If possible capture the empty room (wide angle lens)
• Use the slider or a gimbal to capture everything on video
• In short capture all that is beautiful

Entrance of the procession

plan reception9.jpg
  • The videographer with the Gimbal steps back with the people entering the reception room

    • Rotates around the people and backwards goes back to the door to resume the position to wait for the next group to come in​

  • If there are two videographers, the 2nd videographer is on the monopod, takes care of taking closer shots of the people entering and the atmosphere​

  • The camera on tripod and wheel is checked by one of the photographers (VID 4)

Capture the entrance of the procession until the world sits down.
Take photos while guests salute
It is possible to leave the bride and groom on the track and take the opportunity to take photos with the family and the entire room while being placed high up.

Go around the photo table. Confirm with the bride if they wish to take the photos with each guest or if we can do it without them.

Essential when receiving to capture photo as video
• Entrance to the procession, 3 cameras
• Table of honour
• Service, 2 cameras
• Speech, 2 cameras, one pointing at speaker, one (70-200) that alternates between speaker, audience and bride and groom
• Photo of each meal
• Some image of the games, a camera
• Launch of the Bouquet, 2 cameras
• Garter, 2 camera
• Cake cutting, 2 camera
• First dance, 3 cameras
• Opening of the ball, 2 cameras
• Beginning of the ball, 2 cameras
• Midnight table

End of the day
10 minutes before the hour, notified the newlyweds that there are 10 minutes left in the contract and that it is time to capture what remains to be captured. Do not forget to photograph and film the midnight table if possible.

Mistakes not to make / Cautions to take
1. Invite people not to chew gum during church or during the photo shoot;
2. Remind people to look at the camera when needed
3. Avoid holes in group photos

4. Take a good look at the subjects to identify the elements that could affect the final result of the photos:
has. Elastic in the arms
b. cellular at sight
vs. Fold in the sails
d. Stains on clothes
e. Visible bra etc.
5. Make sure the microphone is “ON”
6. Avoid making messages in a place where there is too much noise
7. Come prepare
8. Stay professional

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