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Before marriage


As a wedding photographer or videographer, it's important to be prepared for the day.

Here is a list of things you should do before every wedding.

1. Make contact with customers to introduce themselves. Photographer. If possible, have  one of the videographers on the line also after havingreceived the quiz.

  •  Imagine that you are the bride and groom and a stranger you have never spoken to shows up at your door as the person who will immortalize your wedding. It is very important to get in touch with customers with the questionnaire in hand in order to know their desire and taste. On the questionnaire, it is also possible to have the contact details of the planner (tor) of the day so do not hesitate to contact them in order to be informed of the program of the day to avoid having any surprises.


    Question to ask the bride and groom or planner:

    • How do you feel about the arrival of this day?​

    • Is everything going the way you wanted?

    • Do you have a particular concept?

    • Talk about special numbers

    • Important things to capture listed in the questionnaire

    • Revise arrival and departure times

    • Confirm addresses

  • After communicating with the bride and groom, register in the temporary facebook group related to the wedding the confirmation of contact with the bride and groom: example, couple contacted on July 15 at 8:20 p.m.​

  • If you're not getting in touch with the bride and groom, send a text message to introduce yourself and ask when is the perfect time to get in touch.

  • If you still don't have an answer, contact the planners.

2. Have an idea where the photos will be taken in order to be prepared for the game plan

  • On the questionnaire, it is written where the photos will be taken after the church;

  • On the First Class Pictures website, there is an interactive map of where to take pictures in the customer section. Password: fc2020 

  • From the photos on the site, you can plan how you can use the decor to your advantage. You can also talk about it with the bride and groom during the pre-wedding conversation.

3. Have a catalog of pre-established poses in order to be effective throughout the day in order to avoid downtime.reflection.

  • From your cell phone, using google Chrome: go to the link:

    • , please note that the photos on this site are randomly taken from instagram and the internet for inspiration.

    • Bookmark the link for quick access.

Album wedding pose.jpg

On the site you will be able to draw inspiration from different poses and concepts and these are placed by time of day to facilitate research. The catalog will be updated regularly.

album wedding pose 2.jpg

4. Make sure to check your equipment and not forget anything. Test batteries, check straps, memory cards etc.

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