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The 11 different points of view

1. Horizontal : Axis level. This is the shot often used by default. The camera is placed at the same height as the subject.


2. Gradient: Tilt the camera almost 45 degrees to give a creative effect


3. Diving:Diving involves positioning the camera above the subject you are photographing. The device should be placed high above the head.


4. Low Angle:The low angle shot, as its name suggests, is the opposite of the
diving. This time, the camera is positioned below the photographed subject. This angle of view is particularly popular in fashion photography because it makes it possible to sublimate the model. The models look bigger too.

low angle shot 2.jpg
low angle shot 4.jpg
low angle shot 3.jpg
low angle shot 1.jpg

5.At ground level:Ground level shooting is a variation of low angle shots. The camera here is positioned directly on the ground but, unlike the previous example, it is not facing upwards. For creative effect, step back so you can see the subject from head to toe

floor level 3.jpg
floor level 2.jpg
at ground level1.jpg

6. Up close:Close-up shooting helps focus the viewer's attention on the essentials. In portrait photography it emphasizes the eyes of the model. Items such as wedding rings.


7. From afar:It can be interesting to move away from the subject you want to photograph. This makes it possible in particular to present the context surrounding the shooting. By choosing this point of view, the photographer placed the elephant back in its environment, which gives an additional dimension to the image. To be preferred if there is a beautiful landscape or architecture.


8. From the sky: Aerial photography is unique in that it allows you to discover landscapes from an unusual angle. The type of photos we take with a drone.


9. Back portrait:Intuitively, we tend to favor shooting from the front. It is also interesting to turn around the subject to find an unusual point of view. A photo taken from behind, for example, can have a lot of impact. It can help emphasize the bride's dress.


10.Profile portrait: Portrait emphasizing the silhouette of the subject or the close-up of the face.

profile portrait2.jpg
profile portrait 3.jpg

11. Taken in the background: This is what I call ninja holds. The subject is placed in the background in a photo behind te elements; as window, mirror, flower, fence, people. This gives the impression that the photographer was hidden like a paparazzi. The ultimate shot for taking candid or natural shots.

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